Reach Your Highest Potential the Fun Way!

Art of Living Institute Mission:

  • Heighten Creativity, Courage, & Relationship Skills
  • Deepen Self-Knowledge to Increase Personal Potential
  • Maximize the Benefits of the Brain's Neuroplasticity
Bridget Palmer, GCFP

Director, Santa Rosa Children's Theater

Director, Art of Living Institute

Facilitating Brain Pattern Changes Through Deep Play

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The best learning is fun and it changes you forever by making strong new connections in your brain. If you want an enjoyable way to cultivate higher and higher levels of functioning and success for yourself, your child, or your business, click on one of the tabs above to find out more about Art of Living Institute offerings!

The brain is attracted to novelty and builds habit patterns based on sensory perceptions. Because we know that personal habits & attitudes lead to success, Art of Living sessions provide the brain with the sensory stimulation it needs to create higher functioning habits - habits that will improve how you feel in your body and relate to the people in your life. No sitting around taking notes! We use movement, imagination, and self-awareness to make sure you embody the learning, and progress towards your goals.

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